Great results with Rugby players in 1st Biomechanics Coaching session

In the last week I’ve done a lot of work with Rugby players of various levels, here are some of the highlights!

– Around 50% of the people got to totally clear on the basic screen within 1 hour, indicating that all basic dysfunctions have been fixed.

– One guy who had problems/pain with his shoulder and failed 4 out of 4 of the shoulder tests ended up passing all the shoulder tests….after 10 minutes of self-releases on his hip!

– Another guy who started with one leg over 10mm longer than the other walked out at the end of the session with no difference in his leg length and much less dysfunction and tightness in the hips.

– A girl who had back pain ended up pain free by the end of the first session, her hamstring flexibility also drastically improved.

These type of results are not out of the ordinary for one hour of Biomechanics Coaching, and unlike most other types of rehab/injury prevention approach you are given the tools to fix the problems yourself. All the above results were achieved without massage, without joint manipulation and without me even touching the person!

The next step on anyone that gets to the stage where they are passing the vast majority of the basic tests is to make sure that the results ‘stick’ and start building stability to support the new alignment of the various joints. The end result is a stronger, faster, pain free athlete who is able to perform consistently and efficiently!

If you are interested in getting a Biomechanics screen, please get in touch via the contact page and you too could be the next to get great results like the ones above.

About Alex Gold

Alex Gold is a Biomechanics Coach and Personal Trainer working in London to help people reach their fitness goals in the most efficient way, whilst minimising pain and maximising performance.

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